Cam's story

As ironic as it is, what makes Cam's story so inspiring is that he started just like everyone else. Cam played many sports growing up including track and cross country. Never being a star athlete or top recruit, he finished high-school with a personal best of 2:05 in the 800m, signing to Simon Fraser University as a walk-on. his journey went through phases, he said, improving quickly with an ambitious goal of running at the 2016 Rio olympic games being the motivation but, as he was becoming faster, improvements started slowing down. He stated that his coach Brit Townsend was persistent in his development, even after graduating from the collegiate program. This, as well as his belief in his potential and being close to hitting the standards of making a Canadian team, convinced him to continue for one more year after graduating. 7 years later, he is now the fastest Canadian miler in history.
Running after college isn't easy he said, the habits he had to adopt to continue his continue led to many sacrifices. What he found out is "The longer you're in the sport, the better of a past time it becomes", testing yourself, breaking physical and mental barriers, while meeting great people is what Cam finds in track and field now. Coming off an amazing indoor season topped with an appearance at the world championships, Cam at 29 is just starting to reap the fruits of his labour. He was able to become the fastest miler in Canadian history through his patience and hard work, being a role model to a younger generation of runners, leading the chase of the Horizon.