New Balance joins the chase.

New Balance joins the chase.

New Balance joins the chase: Fall 22 “Club” Collection

The Horizon Track Club has grown tremendously over our past 17 months of chasing.

As a 70s inspired running brand, we use a profit-sharing and branding agency model to help support Elite Canadian track & field athletes.

Helping athletes gain exposure, create content, and showcase their hard work and accomplishments, while ensuring we display each athlete unique personality along the way.

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*Photo shot by Emerson Steers on a Canon Rebel - 120mm*

This collaboration between New Balance and Horizon Track Club is a major step towards growing Canadian athletics.


During the summer of 2021, Horizon was approached by Evan Moore from Fit First Footwear, a local Burnaby store.


We began creating a community that chased the Horizon together and grew our Instagram to nearly 4000 followers, and have been able to connect with some of the biggest names in North American track & field.

Early on we developed a successful Spring ‘22 collection. Which sold out!

Through Fit First Footwear we were able to connect with representatives from many of North America's largest running brands…

How our collaboration with New Balance came to life

Alberta's New Balance representative (Ryan), connected with us back in April. 
After our first call,  We knew New Balance was the company we wanted to work with. 2 - 3 meetings later we were able to get the New Balance British Columbia representative (Benji) involved.

With the backing of these 2 provinces, it was now possible to launch a collaboration that would shock the community.

Why us?

  • We’re amongst the fastest growing running based content creators in Canada.

  • We have a list of “supported athletes” that run under our banner and are among the best in the country. (Charlie Dannatt, Aaron Ahl, Cameron Proceviat, Alison Andrews-Paul)

  • We’re on a mission to bridge the gap between athletics and everyday life!

David Korell, Manager of Sports Marketing for New Balance Canada, explains in more details why we got chosen for this collab:

“New Balance has been building performance products supporting Runners since 1906, and we are absolutely committed to helping athletes of all levels strive for their ultimate best since Day One.

Track is close to us, and especially supporting the Canadian Track scene that has a rich and developed program for development to elite.

New Balance as an Independent company still focused on Family.

What we love about Horizon Track Club is that they are growing a new Track Family that is vibrant, positive, and exciting, and who will absolutely help athletes develop and self-actualize, with inclusive personality. We support ”Chase Something Bigger”.

What went into this collaboration

  • 40+ hours of merch design

  • 200+ hours of content creation 

  • 20+ hours of Zoom/Phone calls with New Balance, and our Vancouver embroidery/printing supplier

  • 100+ hours of strategizing and planning

  • 3 days of video shooting, photoshoots and editing

It’s not as easy as it seems. Co-founder Jose Castro had to find a way to work on Horizon full-time without sacrificing his education and athletic goals.

Through SFU, Jose was introduced to the venture connection program.

Supported by VEGA founder Charles Chang, and SFU, Jose is now able to use this fall to work full-time on growing Horizon, while continuing his chase of excellence in athletics, and academics.

The Process

We want our apparel to bridge the gap between athletic wear for athletes and casual clothing for anyone who appreciates what we’re trying to do.

We realised to do the best job possible, we would need to assemble a team of like minded people, to help us create some amazing content and expand the horizon even further.

This became the “expansion” team, made of multiple current track and field athletes and university students. All sharing a passion for running and a desire to grow the sport that we all love.

Each piece of clothing went through the same process:

  1. 5-6 designs were made 

  2. The Expansion Team voted on the best designs

  3. The chosen design was polished to perfection

By purchasing a piece of Horizon apparel, you’re getting a piece made by athletes, for athletes.

Our profit-sharing model will allow many of these team members, and athletes running under our banner, to gain support throughout the year.

The Result Below is our final collection.

We hope you enjoy it.


What This Means For Horizon

For Horizon, this collaboration means much more than just apparel. We believe Canadian athletics have been overlooked for too long: this collection is the first big step in changing this culture.

Our decentralized model will help us support athletes around Canada, without them necessarily having to train in the same group.

We’ve come a long way, but still have a very long way to go.

Be part of the chase.

Make sure to shop the Fall 2022 collection before it's gone!