Running towards our Horizon, always closing the gap

Running towards our Horizon, always closing the gap

On April 26th, 2021, The Horizon Track Club was officially created in Burnaby, B.C. Canada by a group of Simon Fraser University collegiate runners.

The main goal was to close the gap between collegiate running and the professional level. 

We created a brand that we were excited to represent outside our NCAA season. Ultimately, we want to support collegiate runners after they graduate, by giving them a sense of belonging.


We also currently support a group of Elite level runners that are on their way to the professional scene with partnerships with Fit First Footwear, Gruppo Nutrition and El Jefe Chips.

Giving thee athletes more exposure and online presence is also an important step in our process to getting them to the next level.

During the summer of 2021, a small group of us started representing the Horizon by wearing our OG Racing Singlet. This singlet pays homage to the OGs who paved the way, and made it possible for us to get to this level.

That same summer, the second, third and fourth runners at the Canadian Olympic trials in the 1500m represented the Horizon. This was the first time anyone toed the line wearing those singlets. It created history by being the highest placed training group in the Canadian 1500m trials. 

Leading the chase was Cameron Proceviat (Canadian Mile record holer), followed by Aaron Ahl (3:57 miler) and Charlie Dannatt (3:39, 1500m runner).

From there, The Horizon movement has kept growing, and there is no limits to how much we can achieve.